90 days in ghana

never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world, because indeed, it is all that ever has


No Wahala!!! 
The spirit of Nigerian is absolutely inspiring. 

The Orphan’s School. Simple chalk boards and chairs under a roof with no walls. #orphanschool #ghanalife #outdoorschool #needhelp #needfunding
met with a travel agent to talk about flight quotes and travel insurance, got lots of information and now it’s all getting to the nitty gritty details !

let the blogging begin

20. November 2013

Blogging always had an appeal to me, I was always sorta jealous of people who had a large following on their blogs. Being known for your thoughts, writing and photos is kinda cool, people being interested in what you have to say over the internet.

Then there is me. I’ve always been a keen writer, and have tried multiple times to become a ‘blogger’ but I’ve never had a real purpose. I’ve tried writing things to start off that are failed attempts at being funny, thoughts that I believed were ingenious when they were actually just ridiculously cliche, or pretending to be a hipster by re-blogging pictures of girls with oversized glasses on and boys playing guitars.

No purpose = no blog, but …

Since planning my gap year adventures, I’ve found the inspiration and purpose I’ve needed all along. In 2014, April 21st, to be exact, I’ll be setting off to Ghana in west Africa to complete a 3 month volunteer placement at a primary school and orphanage. It’s all very exciting, a little bit scary, and quite a mystery at the moment as I don’t know details about the family I’ll be living with or the school I’ll be teaching at yet..

So, the purpose of this blog, whether nobody ever reads it except my mum, or if it reaches even 100 people, is for me to document my adventures through the planning stages, the final countdown, fundraising and the memories that will be made during my placement.
If anyone is out there (hi mum) , reading this, let the blogging begin.

ps. 150 days to go